Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Matthew 10/07/16 - Friday

Thankfully, the wind prediction dropped from 120+ mph to around 70+ as it stayed a little further off the coast. Wet and wild, so we stayed and rode out the storm

We found out that our neighbors who were in NC, worried about water running under their garage door, so we went (on Thursday afternoon in the rain/wind) to the Fire Station in Fleming Island, but with the crowds in line for sand bags, we turned around. Fortunately, no water did go into their garage. Here's part of the crowd filling their sandbags.
Friday: St. Augustine flooding (from Kyle Hasbrouck's Facebook):
Friday morning we still had power so I talked Ford into making his homemade pizza dough and bake a pizza, with pepperoni and fresh mozzarella cheese! It was yummy!
AA and I kept busy using crayons and paint. I drew Ginger and tried my hand at a pine tree. AA drew her favorite Warrior cat - Hollyleaf. We lost power about 2:00 p.m. Friday afternoon (it was restored 26 hours later).
Saturday dawned windy but dry. After picking up most of the branches and Spanish moss in our yard, and a little raking, we headed to Carolyn's home as she had power. AA and I packed for three days just in case we didn't get our power back. By 3:30 p..m. it was back at our home! We worked in her yard, raking and getting it in pretty good shape, Carolyn had her roof to contend with and cleaning up her pool. We arrived home to power and the River House was open at 4:00 p.m.!! AA and I worked hard raking, she in her bathing suit - it was hot!
Enjoying the still slightly messy pool, but so refreshing - 75 degrees!!
After cleaning up, a beautiful afternoon at the River House!
Sunday, AA and I went to help clear the Eagle Harbor Golf course. The Golf/Pro Staff asked for volunteers, so we went for about an hour. Coach Bryan's son, Nate Kipnis and AA!
Next, we packed up the electric hotdog cooker and some food to take to Leaa's home. Unfortunately, they had flooding into their garage and first floor. Lots of work ahead of them. The family worked to clean up their yard, while Leaa and Jesse sorted through everything that got wet in the music studio, garage and house. Overall, they were a bit better off than the rest of the Treasure Beach neighborhood, but still going to have alot of repairs. At this point, Cathy and Werner, and Nicole and Jordan did not have power back at their homes.
Monday: School was off on Monday so AA and her Daddy went and played nine holes at EH. A bit wet, but not too bad considering the storm rainfall.
Our neighbor, Ken, on our roof blowing off the debris and cleaning out our gutters! He just did it as a nice gesture! Amazing, he's 70+ age and knew Ford would not be doing this type of work (I was going to do it or have it hired out). So I pitched in a little more and raked our common fountain park between his home and ours.
Almost back to normal, except for piles of brush still stacked around the streets (there is one pile behind the fountain). The landscape company came yesterday and cleared about 75% of the neighborhood, a few large common areas still need picking up and raking.
Ginger is always watching us, wanting to be near us, watching out the screen door:
I made Chicken Piccata for Monday dinner and all is ready for AA's return to school on Tuesday, 10/11/16. 
Tuesday, we treated ourselves to Metro Diner for brunch and doing other errands. Today is AA's Chinese lesson with Miss Nancy Li, then the PGA Team Golf practice after dinner. Routine is good! And sunny Fall weather!

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