Monday, October 31, 2016

Hotdog Halloween at the River House

We decided to stay close to home and celebrate Halloween at the River House with hotdogs. AA was neutral about trick or treating so we enjoyed the Weigand's company along with about 20 other members and ate hotdogs for dinner. We brought onions, chips, slaw and condiments. Kelly P. brought chili and Hugh/Maureen brought BBQ beans. Plus they brought some great candy bars for AA! 
We really enjoyed watching the old Star War movies too - seemed like we were at the theater! A gorgeous day - 80 degrees!

Star Wars!!
All the fixins! Ford's famous Craig's List hotdog cooker.
AA, Jane and her brother Dax:
Couldn't decide which photo I liked best:
We enjoy doing this and were surprised that the "house" bought us a wine each and bar-friend Steve did too! Love our glass of red wine to relax with. Happy Halloween!

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