Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I did a little Halloween decorating this year, not much, but made up a cute table and baked a round brownie to decorate. A little buttercream frosting, colored orange and ghoulish red gel. Ford made chili and I made a new recipe for corn bread muffins. All turned out great.

Pumpkin carving was non-existent in this home! I cut out our house letters with duct tape and spray painted my pumpkin. AA painted her's with a face, white paint and some green leaves on top by the stem.
Completed pumpkin:

When we walk Ginger around the neighborhood, there are a few citrus trees in the common areas. AA gets her vitamin C right from a tangelo tree. Plus, many limes for our ice water and tea.
My attempt at decorating:
At OPE, the principal leads the parade, then the kindergarten kids are next - they all dress as scarecrows:
OPHS drummers:
AA in her Bluestar (gray cat) costume - from the Erin Hunter series, Warriors. Connor Williams is next to her.
The wait, with teacher Mrs. Rainer:
The OPHS Drummers lead the parade, makes for lots of noise and fun!
Still waiting as each lower grade goes by:
Lots of neat costumes:
Noah W in a Jedi costume:
Until next Halloween!

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