Sunday, October 02, 2016

And September Ends! And October is Here!

Thursday (09/29/16) Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Team practice with Tyler and Bella:

October 1st:  AA and her dog Ginger watching the Ryder Cup. Ginger was very good while we were away for 5 hours earlier; she managed to pull every piece of cloth surrounding her crate into it. But no pee or poop! She was a good girl!!
October 2nd Sunday - After church, lunch, watching the Jaguar game and the Ryder Cup, lots of walking the mutt (I mean the cute puppy), playing nine holes with Tyler M., then dinner - it was time to jump in the pool! (then bath time). Pool water still at 85 degrees!
Saturday, October 1, 2016: The UF Agriculture Center hosted a Datil Pepper Festival; we went for a short time after AA's golf lesson at WGV, not much there, no music, all food vendors were gone. Many plants were still available to buy. Ford did buy some boiled peanuts for AA and himself.
Many gardens to stroll through:
Saturday at noon, AA had her lesson with Coach Anne Cain:
Ford did some warm-up putting challenges before her lesson:
And another picture of new puppy Ginger!

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