Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunday - Happy Fall Ya'All! Pumpkin Painting

Great fun for many families; Leaa had plenty of food, snacks and Cake!! Also, our first time taking Ginger to a family event.  The backyard was an artist's canvas!

Kilee taking a break from painting:
AA stayed close to her new puppy; Grandma-Cathy helped too. Ginger was good for being around so many people!
Mila painting, with Grand Dylan looking on:
Eliza painting her black and white pumpkin:
AA finally went outside and painted her pumpkin:
From Facebook: Riding home from Leaa's pumpkin painting fall party! Ginger was a good puppy (except her grand entrance was marred by a poop on Leaa's foyer - oops!!). Ginger and Ford are enjoying the blasting air conditioning - Fall is not here at 90 degrees!!{the car was hot, so everyone crowded the front seat air conditioning!}
That's a wrap for Sunday!

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