Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 10th - 15th!

Last Friday, Sister MC Cobb began her recovery from planned double surgery. She had one night in the hospital then home to heal! Prayers for her good health to return! She will still be monitored as she has a swallowing esophageal dysmotility which is different from the achalasia and she had her gallbladder removed. Hoping she is back on her feet soon!

We continue to enjoy golf tournament-free weekends. This ends soon with the start of the Fall PGA Junior Eagle Harbor Team schedule, then the NFJG Tournaments begin on October 16th.
Saturday, the 10th: Drive Chip and Putt Regional contest, Tyler Mawhinney won the Boys ages 7 - 9 contest, so he is off to the Masters in April 2017.
We went to the RAM market and enjoyed lunch at Moon River Pizza, our favorite pizza joint.
We visited with the Davis' and met their granddaughter Madeline. So cute! Plus AA ate lots of their boiled peanuts! Southern girl!

Sunday was church and we visited the Mawhinney's. We took Tyler a large cookie as a congrats for winning the DCP contest. Then it was a dip in the pool and baths. Ready for the new week!
Also, Coach Kathy Grant Nyman challenged her students to do something for seven days that they have been meaning to do or something that will improve their life. AA chose running sprints as she would like to join a track team. Her first sprint was a little over 38 seconds. After thee days she is running it around 36 seconds. A few more days to lower that time!
Monday was back to school along with AA's horse riding lesson, Ford took her as it requires no lifting and this is the first week he is beginning to feel more normal. They did some putting and chipping afterwards at Eagle Harbor, then I had dinner ready which was a new recipe for "dump" chicken Parmesan. Very easy and it uses raw chicken and uncooked penny pasta, so no cooking preparation needed.
I squeezed in some light crafting preparations for AA's birthday (what a laugh, since I am not working right now, I have tons of time!!). I made a banner in HP font, some chalk board signs (will have boxes of jelly beans and candy wrapped in gold foil for snitches) and an owl sign for her birthday cards. We have a Gryffindor banner, several framed HP posters and balloons in Gryffindor colors for added decorations. Her cake will be Butter Beer cupcakes along our famous Nana Joy's chocolate sheet cake.
Tuesday was AA's Chinese lesson with Nancy Li. She was impressed that AA learned her words and was ready for more. Then we went to her PGA Junior team practice and hung out with Joe Mawhinney. We met Dave and Julia Chilton for dinner at Talon's; they have been checking in on Ford's recovery and they had never been to the new restaurant at the golf course. They paid for our dinners, so sweet, something about our retirement gift. Wasn't expecting that!
Wednesday, AA and I went to EH and she played nine holes; it was all practicing as no one was around us, so dropped extra balls. She is doing well with her new clubs.
We also received her first quarter grades - all good!
We went to the River House to see the repairs from a storm last week and subsequent HVAC water leaking. The pool room was finished but no pool table anymore! It has been there since 1985.
Also, this photo popped up on Facebook - seven years ago!! We will be celebrating our eight year Forever Family Anniversary on the 16th.
Thursday was running errands and golfing after school - EH PGA junior team practice - the girls were teamed with Lauren (HS senior) for a best ball match.

Friday will be finishing the details for AA's birthday party (on Saturday the 17th). It should be fun for the kids! We have a video hauler coming, catered lunch and hosting it at the River House plus drinks for adults. Next year will be a small family party, as this was over the top $$$!!! Now onto Friday (Forever Family Day and more birthday preparations!) and the weekend!

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