Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Last Post about AAM's 10th Birthday!

We celebrated quietly at home after a busy day. AA went to school with store bought chocolate chip cookies, went to Chinese lessons with Nancy (and she taught her how to say more sentences including wishing you a happy birthday), then to get her new BLUE eye glasses, then to Eagle Harbor Golf for a short practice, dinner at Talon's, then home to open presents!
Two cupcakes saved from Saturday - Butter Beer flavoring:

Blowing out candles:
Gifts from Nana of the North (L.L. Bean top and skort):
Bear and Mouse from Aunti and Uncle George; also a new music Bop-It:
Snoopy from Mom:
L.L. Bean lunch box from Nana Ann (of the North):
 Lots of cards!
School sign:
So many gifts from friends and family, several DQ gift cards, plus Books-a-Million, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble and Target. Plus money and all the dog food donations! Great birthday! Thank you to all!

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