Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happy Birthday to Leaa and Birthday Dinner!

Ford is planning to be at Leaa's home once a week to cook dinner with Livi; he used to go once a week, then Alyzabeth's golfing practice took over our lives and the weekly dinners stopped. So for the re-inaugural Tuesday dinner, we all (including Ginger) went to wish Leaa a happy birthday (and she opened her gift of an inflatable hammock/lounger). Poppy and Livi made a huge spaghetti pie with a side salad. I made spice cupcakes with citrus glaze (Dylan made the glaze). Jesse was teaching lessons so didn't see him until our departure time. Hope they all sang happy birthday to Leaa!

 Cupcakes and a few flowers.
 The girls enjoying some iPad/tablet time:

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