Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Party to Our Youngest! Sweet 10th! (Part 1)

We rented the River House for Alyzabeth's party and hired a hauler video truck and had food delivered for lunch. I did make Nana Joy's chocolate sheet cake and Harry Potter "Butter Beer flavored" cupcakes. Most of these photos were taken by Jody Pascual (Faith's Dad); it was great having him there, he's close to a professional photographer!

Everyone watching the video hauler truck creep down the road:
Waiting and happy!
Several good photos of Dylan and Mila:
Kelly P. at the bar:
Mike and daughter Madison with Ford:
Inside the hauler:
Outside has two screens too:
Chocolate sheet cake with Justin, Leaa, Nicole, Christa and AA's initials (first time AA glanced at it, she asked why I wrote uncle on the cake!):
More of our beautiful grands:
Mommy hugs!
Harry Potter theme:
Niece Madison, she's an amazing basketball player!
Garrett (Connor's Dad) and Ford:
Playing tag on River House deck:
School and neighbor friend, Jane W.:
Several photos of AA out on the deck with Faith, Noah:

 Goofy kids! (AA, Faith, Noah):
AA decided to have guests bring dog food for the local shelter instead of a gift. We now have 151 lbs to deliver!
A fun day! More family photos are up next!

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