Friday, September 16, 2016

Forever Family Day! No. 8! 09-16-2016

From Facebook: EIGHT YEARS AGO! TODAY is our "gottcha" day - Forever in our family! Love you Nan Min Hua - Alyzabeth!!! Your favorite Chinese dinner is tonight! Celebrating the date; shared with nineteen other CCAI families today, forever in our hearts too. I can't believe she turns 10 years old next week. We celebrated her 2nd birthday in China, so this is our ninth together!

Sushi and lettuce wraps and sesame chicken!

We always take a photo outside P.F. Chang's and it seems to be sprinkling every time too! Our good calmer lens fogged up from being inside in the air conditioning, I had to use my phone for these photos.
We love you forever AA!

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