Sunday, September 18, 2016

Family Photos - AA's Birthday Weekend

More photos from our weekend celebrating AA's 10th birthday. First, thank you for the donated dog food (and cat food - thank you Carolyn!), 151 pounds plus money:

Family photos: what a treat to see the Morge's drive in from Atlanta GA! And sister Melissa fly in from Maine (just one week since her gall bladder and throat surgery!).
Ford, flanked by, sister Mia and SIL Melissa:
AA flanked by, Cousin/Aunt Carolyn and Aunti M:
Aunti M always has fun and makes AA laugh!
Group photo on Saturday, River House deck:
Moment when we hugged, tears in my eyes, seeing my sister Melissa again (she was here in July, saving the day while Ford was in hospital). She was here to give AA the big birthday surprise and boy did she!! What a surprise!

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