Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend and Monday 08/15/2016!

Saturday we drove to St. Augustine to give our scooter to Jesse.  

 I think he liked it.
We again golfed late after Saturday's dinner which included some fun putting game with Tyler M.
Aunt Carolyn came for a visit on Sunday. We ate lunch, visited for a few hours, she and AA went on a river road bike ride. Carolyn took a picture of this at low tide, looks like a very lost street drainage manhole-type thing!
Ford took AA to the 4:50 movie Secret Life of Pets. AA and Ford both said this movie is not worth watching:
Monday morning we golfed eight holes at EH (slow, with four foursomes in front of us). Lunch then baths before "Meet the Teacher" at OPE.
Meet the teacher is always good, we find out which portable classroom is AA's homeroom and who her classmates will be. A few are from her 3rd grade class. At this school, four 3rd grade classes merge into three 4th grade classes; she has 22 students in her class.
Meet the Teacher!
Daily Schedule:
Ryder (AA has known since preschool at the OPUMC WonderWorks school) and Teacher Mrs. Rainer:
All 4th Grade names and assigned classroom:
Monkey bars at OPE:

After leaving OPE, we enjoyed a mini-Blizzard (mint-chocolate-chip!!), checked out some books from the library and picked up a few items for back to school. It is hot outside, so will enjoy the inside of our home! First day of school is Tuesday!

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