Saturday, August 06, 2016

U.S. Kids Golf Round #3 Final Day Saturday

AA finished her third round with a 40. She was having a great round until she hit the rough, tall grass for a double bogeyed, then bogeyed the last hole. Again, the last three holes were the toughest for her. This course had the roughest rough grass, so tall, the ball got lost in it if you were just a foot off the fairway! And the greens were terrible, very brown, weeds and spongy soft. Hole 9 had different grass, so it was hard and fast! Can't wait until AA plays on a real Pinehurst golf course! We were pleased to meet this young man, great caddie and kept AA positive and playing well!

Hole #1 with Kate Barber (GA) and Emree Cameron (MO):
The hot sun came out!
Last hole, just missed a long putt for Par.
Scoring table:
Jason, Maria and Michael (FGA and KiddieKaddie):
Sammy and AA throwing pine needles at each other!
Ceremony - Karoline Tuttle won for 12 year old girls:
Phillip - Boys 8- Champion!
Isabella D. is the Girls 8 Year Old World Champion!

It was a great year for our Florida friends: Phillip, Bella, Sammy, Shawn; plus Floridians Alexa and Izzy. Florida is tough competition!

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