Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Practice Round #2 - Wednesday

The morning started out drizzling rain, but cleared with clouds and a breeze. We enjoyed it very much, so different than Florida!
Rain Girl Golf jacket to the rescue: 

Mom Liz holding umbrella over the girls heads; met for just a minute before practice round began.
The Longleaf golf course has very difficult holes on the front nine, large hills, valleys and a few holes that were a bit too long for AA. 
AA drove the ball farther than ever and was hitting really well.
Played with the Roger family, Carlee and her Dad. I enjoyed chatting with Carlee's grandmother too. They are from Chattanooga Tennessee and this is their first time here.

We ate lunch at the cottage, then the afternoon was spent doing a few errands, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods store for a new glove. Everyone was out of girls/youth left hand gloves!
Dinner was at Vito's Pizzaria, same as on the Short Game Movie. The food was okay, typical pizzaria! The real tournament begins tomorrow!

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