Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More Golfing - Using the New Clubs - U.S. Kids 54" Tour Series

Coach Bryan Kipnis is AA's PGA Jr. Team Coach, so he sees her every week at Eagle Harbor. The team practices are good, fun and helpful, but AA needed some extra help adjusting to her new clubs. Coach Bryan has said since Ford's illness/surgery, that he would take AA out anytime. I took him up on his offer so that AA would have someone with her while she practices. I can't say enough how useless I am helping AA's game improve!

Working with her 7 iron:
Now the important skill; AA asked how you bounce/juggle the ball on a club. He obliged and gave her instructions!
On Wednesday, 08/24/16, Coach Kathy Grant Nyman helped AA with her new set of clubs by playing a few holes at Deercreek. Each hole was used several times at different distances to see how AA was hitting the new longer clubs. As always, Kathy helped with AA's lining/alignment and how to swing her shoulders properly. Always something to tweak!
 Bunker work:
Lining up: more things to think about (feet, shoulders, head, etc) as if there wasn't enough already!
The more support I can get for AA, the better she is adjusting to her clubs and the better help she is receiving since I can't give her any useful advice! I just love how everyone is willing to share a piece of AA's coaching; she has the best coaches!

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