Saturday, August 13, 2016

Golf Lesson and Spring Park!

Alyzabeth is back having regular lessons with Anne Cain at the WGV, PGA Academy. Here's a few of Anne "tweaking" AA's chipping and drives.

Happy Coach and Player!
We stopped by Spring Park in GCS to check out the construction of the new pool and building; also to see if this would be a good release place for a certain cousin's turtles. They need to be set free and the spring is a really neat habitat. AA relived playing on the playground, some silly fun!
The afternoon was spent doing some summer bridge school work, a delicious dinner of shrimp, capers, tomatoes and pasta. Then a quick round of nine holes at EH. Topped off the evening with a swim in the pool and bath time! Busy!!
I made the one pot pasta dish and it is delicious (no heavy sauce, use fresh tomatoes and fresh basil). Then we ate it again when I added capers and cooked shrimp. Yummy!!

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