Tuesday, August 16, 2016

FIRST Day of SCHOOL! (and new golf clubs)

Tuesday, August 16th is the first day of school for AA. A 4th grader! She had a new outfit to wear but we found out at "Meet the Teacher" that today is PE, so back to a more practical sport outfit.
It was a humid morning and the camera was inside in the air conditioning, so took a LONG time to become "un-foggy". The morning was still dark and the paper AA held was wilting. This is August in Florida! The second photo is un-retouched. I tried to brighten up the others. Happy School Day!

At OPE, waiting in line with school supplies for teacher Mrs. Rainer to open the door.
The afternoon before, AA's 54" U.S. Kids Golf Clubs arrived. She will not use the driver as her current one is better and a little longer. Now to get her putter shaft replaced with a longer one. The bag is much larger than her old one, she's growing up!!
Later today is her horse riding lesson, maybe some pool time and then a bath! Let the school year routine begin!

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Catherine said...

What a beautiful young lady!! So exciting to be starting 4th Grade!!

Ah yes, the infamous Florida humidity! Much like here this summer. I've often said 'this feels like FL in the summer' this year! The next few are supposed to feel like 102o once the humidity is added in and we've had quite a few 111o which is a little unusual for us. LOVING it though!

Looking forward to experiencing true FL weather in a few weeks though!

Enjoy 4th Grade AA - and those spiffy new clubs!