Monday, August 22, 2016

Ending Week (August 19 - 21) Activities!

AA had a good weekend. After Friday evening's practice round at EH, she headed to a birthday party for Noah W. on Saturday morning. A Harry Potter theme with most of the time in the swimming pool (in the Ravines, Middleburg); he's turning nine, so is one of the youngest and AA turns ten in just a few weeks! {she was eating so couldn't smile}
Lots of fun with the "boys" in the pool"
Butter Beer punch and Butter Beer cake!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Cutting the cake!
After the birthday party, AA went to the All Star PGA Jr. Golf Tournament. Two Eagle Harbor teams against each other - not good! Older team won even though AA and Tyler gave it their all!
The two together, first time playing together.

After the match at EH Talons: no one is happy on our team!!
Final score:
On Sunday, we drove to St. Augustine to give Jesse the title to the Sunbeam Scooter. Dylan is quite the surfer!
On our way home, talking about the last time Ford had a drink, decided to have a beer and nachos at A1A restaurant. He enjoyed it, but probably tired him out. It was good to get him out and be tired! Now to go home and rest!

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