Monday, August 01, 2016

Dreaming of the New Harry Potter Book - Then It Appeared Like Magic! (From Jim Read!!)

I almost pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book, kept thinking about doing it and never did. Then Jim Read comes for a visit and guess who waited in line at midnight to get the book for her? Jim-Dad! And he dropped it off secretly in the night on our front porch so AA would get it first thing Sunday morning!! Magic!! He's the best. With all that's been going on, I just didn't get to it myself.
A scavenger hunt was held at the store, so Jim gave her the game paper too.

Happy girl!!
Just all we could say was WOW!! And Thank you!
From Facebook: 
We woke up this morning to a secret package on our front porch, courtesy of Jim-Dad Read! AA wanted the new Harry Potter book and with everything going on I told her we would buy it later this week. We were NOT going to stand in line at midnight! Well, crazy Jim did just that and then dropped it off during the night so AA would have it this morning. I could not believe it! We are so impressed with Jim's magical abilities to pull this off for our sweet daughter. Speechless, too kind. What a friend! {And you know he is staying with Ford beginning tomorrow for a WEEK, so that AA and I can go to Pinehurst this week to get her "world golf ranking" in her age group}. You have to feel sorry for Jim (thank you Doc Read for sharing him)! Check in with Ford or Jim to visit; you will help their boring week go by faster!

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