Friday, July 22, 2016

The Last Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Team Tournament - Against St. Johns Golf and Substitue at San Jose 07/21/2016

Alyzabeth finished the spring/summer PGA Jr. Golf season with her team's last tournament at St. Johns Golf Club (Wednesday 07/20/16) and then played as a substitute at San Jose Golf and Country Club on Thursday. Melissa took her to the St. Johns Golf tournament, so I have no photos. Eagle Harbor nailed another win! Then Eagle Harbor won again at San Jose against a tough group of older kids; we prevailed with 11 flags to their 1 flag. AA played well even though she grumbled about a few errant shots.

Here she has located her team-mates ball; while she sits out  her three holes, she assists the team:
Playing with the brothers Nolan and Ben Hollinger.
AA always catches up with Tyler; they never were on the same team, Coach Bryan split them up every match!
"Herding cats"!
Group photo! (blue shirts were the substitutes, red shirts were San Jose)
That's a wrap until the Eagle Harbor banquet this Sunday evening!

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