Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NFJG Timuquana Open Tournament

With me as the Mommy Caddie, I don't have the opportunity to take any photos during the golf rounds. Now, I take one at the scoring table, awards presentation and the scoring sheet. AA seems to think she doesn't need my help, but as caddie and player, we need to communicate and at times we hit some rough patches as when she said she didn't know which way to go or which club to use and I couldn't help her. Thank goodness we hired a caddie for the U.S. Kids Golfing Worlds coming up!
AA hit the water once, had a few errant shots (which she promptly turned to me and said "I didn't hit it that way"! Ha!). I asked her who hit the ball; if you did, then you did hit it that way. Sometimes she needs a reality check!

She came in last of all Foundation Boys only because of some hurried and misplaced shots.
There is one NFJG Tournament left and that is the Championship. We will miss it as it is during the week we are away at the U.S. Kids Golfing Worlds. Oh well......

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