Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Miscellaneous - So Far Behind on Posting (CCAI Xpress and Golfing)

My last post was in mid-June and I am catching up and today (posted the last ten posts today) is July 31st! It has been crazy busy with my visit to Maine to stay with my Mom, then finding out about Ford's needed bypass surgery..... So here's a few things out of order.
Alyzabeth attended a CCAI Xpress Yourself workshop on July 8th - and 10th. She enjoyed the exercises to learn how to communicate about her feeling and respect of herself and others. Also, lots of fun!

On July 8th - From Facebook: Had a great Friday evening practice round at Eagle Harbor with these two young men, Tyler and Isaiah. Thanks to the Daddy Caddies who are helping us get in AA's golfing practices.
On July 27th, I had a SJRPP Pension meeting to attend at Hidden Hills Golf Club and decided to take AA. She could get in some swings with Ms. Jody while I was at the meeting. The Cobb Family arrived just as we were going in the Pro shop. They saved the day with their kindness.
From Facebook: Thankful for two families today. First family at Hidden Hills Golf Club, ran into Amelia Cobb and her Daddy. They took AA to the driving range, chipped, putted and had fun hitting balls through the trees (at the end of the driving range) for 1.5 hrs. They just appeared as we were checking in to see if Jody would take AA; God-Sent. Made my stress level go down so I could attend the meeting I was there for. Second family called and asked AA to play nine with Tyler Mawhinney tonight. So thankful those offering to help keep AA practicing. Worlds are next week!!! Pinehurst bound!
With Tyler and Daddy Joe at Eagle Harbor:
Plus during this time the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia elected/nominated our first woman for President (I am voting for the policy and platforms reflect/believe in equality for all human beings, not making laws that discriminate, also for women's choices, and for gun reform/control). I do believe she is the best experienced person for the job in this very complicated global world)!! USA! Be strong! This is our fight song! We have now proved that women are equal! The sky is the limit {acm - I have known this since the 70's with my Mom's encouragement to be whatever I want to be!}

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