Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hubby's Quadruple Open Heart Bypass Surgery!

Poor Hubby has been put through the wringer! Since his heart catheter on June 29th and the bypass surgery on July 13, life has moved quickly for all of us! He is now on the mend and we could not have survived without sister Melissa's (Auntie M) help. She flew in on July 12th just in time for Ford to bring her to AA's golf tournament at the WGV. I felt bad that she missed so much nice weather in Maine to be in the worst swelting Florida heat! After Ford was re-admitted (emergency room), she extended her stay until July 22nd.
She took care of AA full time while I worried and stressed over Ford. They ate out, shopped together (buying doggy toys), went to the library, saw the movie Finding Dory, visited Carolyn, ate ice cream; Melissa took her to golf practices and to a PGA Jr. Tournament (that stressed her out - it is a bit of chaos!).

We are so thankful that she came and saved the day!

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