Saturday, July 30, 2016

Drive, Chip and Putt Local WGV 07/30/16

AA has participated in the Drive, Chip and Putt several years. This year, she didn't make the top three to move to the sub-regionals. Can't wait for next year!

Waiting to putt:
All done! Not a good enough score, so will try again next year!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Practice with Coach Kathy Nyman (Deercreek) 07/29/16

Thankful for Coach Kathy who offered to take AA out and check her swing distances. AA had fun and we needed this practice. Getting in regular practices has been tricky with Daddy-Ford recovering at home.

Marked by 10 yard increment cones:
AA hit several balls over 150 yards with the new Titlist balls (NXT). Lots of fun too!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Miscellaneous - So Far Behind on Posting (CCAI Xpress and Golfing)

My last post was in mid-June and I am catching up and today (posted the last ten posts today) is July 31st! It has been crazy busy with my visit to Maine to stay with my Mom, then finding out about Ford's needed bypass surgery..... So here's a few things out of order.
Alyzabeth attended a CCAI Xpress Yourself workshop on July 8th - and 10th. She enjoyed the exercises to learn how to communicate about her feeling and respect of herself and others. Also, lots of fun!

On July 8th - From Facebook: Had a great Friday evening practice round at Eagle Harbor with these two young men, Tyler and Isaiah. Thanks to the Daddy Caddies who are helping us get in AA's golfing practices.
On July 27th, I had a SJRPP Pension meeting to attend at Hidden Hills Golf Club and decided to take AA. She could get in some swings with Ms. Jody while I was at the meeting. The Cobb Family arrived just as we were going in the Pro shop. They saved the day with their kindness.
From Facebook: Thankful for two families today. First family at Hidden Hills Golf Club, ran into Amelia Cobb and her Daddy. They took AA to the driving range, chipped, putted and had fun hitting balls through the trees (at the end of the driving range) for 1.5 hrs. They just appeared as we were checking in to see if Jody would take AA; God-Sent. Made my stress level go down so I could attend the meeting I was there for. Second family called and asked AA to play nine with Tyler Mawhinney tonight. So thankful those offering to help keep AA practicing. Worlds are next week!!! Pinehurst bound!
With Tyler and Daddy Joe at Eagle Harbor:
Plus during this time the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia elected/nominated our first woman for President (I am voting for the policy and platforms reflect/believe in equality for all human beings, not making laws that discriminate, also for women's choices, and for gun reform/control). I do believe she is the best experienced person for the job in this very complicated global world)!! USA! Be strong! This is our fight song! We have now proved that women are equal! The sky is the limit {acm - I have known this since the 70's with my Mom's encouragement to be whatever I want to be!}

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NFJG Timuquana Open Tournament

With me as the Mommy Caddie, I don't have the opportunity to take any photos during the golf rounds. Now, I take one at the scoring table, awards presentation and the scoring sheet. AA seems to think she doesn't need my help, but as caddie and player, we need to communicate and at times we hit some rough patches as when she said she didn't know which way to go or which club to use and I couldn't help her. Thank goodness we hired a caddie for the U.S. Kids Golfing Worlds coming up!
AA hit the water once, had a few errant shots (which she promptly turned to me and said "I didn't hit it that way"! Ha!). I asked her who hit the ball; if you did, then you did hit it that way. Sometimes she needs a reality check!

She came in last of all Foundation Boys only because of some hurried and misplaced shots.
There is one NFJG Tournament left and that is the Championship. We will miss it as it is during the week we are away at the U.S. Kids Golfing Worlds. Oh well......

Sunday, July 24, 2016

PGA Jr. Competition - Season Ended - Banquet at Eagle Harbor! And MVP!!

This was the first time AA played on a PGA Jr. Team. We love the Eagle Harbor Golf Course and Staff, so decided to play and check out the concept. It works very well so that players of all levels can have fun. 
From Facebook:  AA's first time playing in a PGA Jr. Team competition has ended. The end of season banquet was tonight at Eagle Harbor Golf, hosted by Coach Bryan M. Kipnis and Ryan. Coach Bryan wrapped up the season and presented awards and announced who will be on the All-Star Team. I'll let the photos tell you who was awarded the MVP!! A fun time for everyone, delicious food and desserts brought in by the families (the Mawhinney family brought in a dessert for us, helping us out so I didn't have to worry about that with everything going on - Thanks Kerri!). The Jackson Family provided golf themed decorations - all great!

Tyler will do just about anything to get away from my camera!
The statistics:
Playing outside afterwards (in 90+ heat):
Running back to the EH Club House:
Coach Bryan:
The All-Star team!
We enjoyed playing and meeting lots of new families!

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Last Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Team Tournament - Against St. Johns Golf and Substitue at San Jose 07/21/2016

Alyzabeth finished the spring/summer PGA Jr. Golf season with her team's last tournament at St. Johns Golf Club (Wednesday 07/20/16) and then played as a substitute at San Jose Golf and Country Club on Thursday. Melissa took her to the St. Johns Golf tournament, so I have no photos. Eagle Harbor nailed another win! Then Eagle Harbor won again at San Jose against a tough group of older kids; we prevailed with 11 flags to their 1 flag. AA played well even though she grumbled about a few errant shots.

Here she has located her team-mates ball; while she sits out  her three holes, she assists the team:
Playing with the brothers Nolan and Ben Hollinger.
AA always catches up with Tyler; they never were on the same team, Coach Bryan split them up every match!
"Herding cats"!
Group photo! (blue shirts were the substitutes, red shirts were San Jose)
That's a wrap until the Eagle Harbor banquet this Sunday evening!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hubby's Quadruple Open Heart Bypass Surgery!

Poor Hubby has been put through the wringer! Since his heart catheter on June 29th and the bypass surgery on July 13, life has moved quickly for all of us! He is now on the mend and we could not have survived without sister Melissa's (Auntie M) help. She flew in on July 12th just in time for Ford to bring her to AA's golf tournament at the WGV. I felt bad that she missed so much nice weather in Maine to be in the worst swelting Florida heat! After Ford was re-admitted (emergency room), she extended her stay until July 22nd.
She took care of AA full time while I worried and stressed over Ford. They ate out, shopped together (buying doggy toys), went to the library, saw the movie Finding Dory, visited Carolyn, ate ice cream; Melissa took her to golf practices and to a PGA Jr. Tournament (that stressed her out - it is a bit of chaos!).

We are so thankful that she came and saved the day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NFJG The Greater Jacksonville Junior Championship Atlantic Beach Country Club July 18 - 19, 2016

With Daddy Caddie still recovering, I had the pleasure of caddying for AA at a two-day tournament and at a GORGEOUS golf course!

After two sweltering days, AA played about her average. She went in the water once on each of the nine holes which was a shame as both days she was playing her best ball ever. She was the winner!! (one other girl, Sophia, who is almost 13 and plays on the St. Johns Country Day School Golf team)

Junior Champion!
And to prove it is too HOT to play outside except for crazy golfers.....
From the NFJG web site: Alyzabeth Morgan added a sixth notch to her belt after winning the Foundation Girls division with consistent scores of 46 - 46 for her two days of competition.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

NFJG North Florida Junior Amateur World Golf Village - Slammer and Squire July 11-12, 2016

AA played in the two day NFJG tournament at the WGV. She played with the Foundation Boys and played about average again. Melissa flew in on the second day, Tuesday and saw AA finish her last hole. She was paired with Richard Hayden Ruth both days.

 Tied for third place!
 The scores:
 Photo from the NFJG website:
From the NFJG web site: Alyzabeth Morgan would once again be the lone Foundation Girl and this week would tee it up with boys. Morgan shot 46 for her opening round. During the final round Dekalskyy would continue his fine play as he fired another solid round of 39 recording three birdies to take the champions trophy. Goldkknopf would open his round with birdie and would also fire a nice 39 to finish in the Runner - up spot. Richard Hayden Ruth and Alyzabeth would battle for the third spot and in the end would finish in an overall tie. Both would be award the third place medal.