Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Preparations for the New Puppy - Fencing for Cocoa {and new puppy pictures!!}

Since AA is getting a new labradoodle puppy (named Cocoa), we added a fence in the back yard for convenience. She's so excited to get little Cocoa in August!

 Fenced back yard:

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NFJG Jacksonville Junior Open - Jacksonville Golf and Country Club Monday 06/27/16

AA was again the only Foundation Girl to play, so joined the boys. She was paired with Randy Cavanagh and Matthew French.

Scoring table:
Tied for 6th place with the boys!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Golf Team Tournament Sunday 06/26/16

Alyzabeth likes playing on the Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Team as she has met new friends near her age and the format as a best ball, makes it enjoyable playing with kids of all skill levels. Her blue team shirt is very large so she usually tucks it in.

She was paired with Timmy Jackson and Colton Zapp.
Each match has a team moderator who does the scoring and keeps the players moving along (usually a parent, coach or golf course employee).
AA did well, the team always uses the majority of her balls.
The end!
Final announcements by the coaches and we are done!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Alyzabeth's Golfing June 2016

When I flew to Maine to visit with my Mom, AA had several golfing events. She golfed with many adults playing at Eagle Harbor.

She played in the NFJG Tournament at "The Quest at St. Johns Golf and CC" on June 13, 2016 with Tylar Whiting and Erica Lloyd. AA placed second.
AA played in another Monday Tournament at Hidden Hills (06/20/16) with Sophia Pecoraro (12 years old). AA placed first.
(no photos). She also had her bi-weekly Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. practices.
Ford kept her busy and active (at this time he knew he was seeing a cardiologist the next week).

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ClicGear (the new click and clack)

The new push cart! AA has been wanting one for a long time! Now to buy all the accessories for it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Maine Trip Part 2 - Hil's Sailboat

During my visit home, cousin Hilary fit me in her schedule and showed me her new sailboat. We enjoyed sandwiches and a bottle of Spanish red wine (in plastic cups!). A brisk wind was blowing but this will be the best waterfront happy hour place ever! Jealous! Congrats to Hilary!

Unplanned Maine Visit June 13, 2016

I arrived in Maine on late Monday night by train (and Boston/Logan airport). Melissa picked me up and drove to camp to visit with my Mom. Mom had been released from the hospital on Sunday (06/12/16) due to fever/infection in her leg. 
Photo: Mel and I - selfie at DownEaster train station and morning photo of the "camp".

Mom and I like the little store/restaurant called New Gloucester Village Store, we split a pizza. I tried a really horrible soda!
In between doctor appointments, we decided to eat many lobster rolls, first one was at a new place, the Portland Lobster Company on Commercial Street. It was pretty good and had a view of the water docks.
Next lobster roll was with Aunt Patti and Jean at the Five Islands lobster pound. I had wonderful sunny days my entire visit.
Mom and her two sisters:
On Friday, we met Jean Emmons and Debbie for a lobster roll at Fort Williams Park. Another beautiful day!
I tried Melissa's new paddle board, love it and the kayaks!
Chris, Heather, Anthony and new baby Autumn visited on Friday afternoon:
Terri, George, Andrew, Brandon, Britney and Chloe visited on Saturday. Mom was starting to have a fever again and by Sunday morning we knew it was back, so off to the hospital to get her cured!
Beautiful lake!
Another post will be coming soon as I visited with Hilary on her new sailboat Monday (20th) evening. I am enjoying my visit but with Mom still in the hospital, we need her well!
Today is Tuesday (21st) and Mom maybe released from the hospital for a second time!