Sunday, May 01, 2016

NFJG Orange Park Junior Invitationalist - OPGCC and FIGC

Another great tournament by NFJG; and so close to our home. Day 1 was at the Orange Park Golf course and very difficult for those who have the shorter drives, many water hazards where AA had to "lay up" and then hit across. She did well for the course and told us she was a little disappointed with her score (47). That is fine; she did her best and it is a hard course (against two 11 year olds). 
Day 2 at Fleming Island Plantation Golf course has more forgiving fairways and less water. AA did find the water to the left of Hole #9 green, very unusual for her. She was tied with the leader for the first 8 holes. Overall, it was still her best score ever from the ladies tees (44). She is so close to scoring in the high 30's for the nine holes (2500 - 2600 yards average).
Day 1 with Candace and Tylar:

Hole #9:
Scoring table for Day 1:
Day 2 at Fleming Island, all watching patiently as Kevin Glynn letters the scores in calligraphy:
2nd place (47 + 44)!
Tylar won by six strokes (43 + 42) over the two day tournament:
All smiles:
It was a hot day, not yet as humid as the summer weather, still needed cool towels and plenty of Gatorade!
Due to her very late tee time on Saturday (3:08 p.m.) we all missed Livi's birthday pool party at Marsha and Carl's home. We are sad to miss family events due to AA's golf schedule; it is made months in advance (issues every end of September for the year) and it is a series of tournaments that most don't miss one during season. We stopped playing the local U.S. Kids Golf schedule for the reason that there was too many tournaments and we seemed to be missing everything! We changed to this one series as AA has to play from the ladies tees (no more short distances from youth tees), there is more competition and actually fewer tournaments. I think we made the right choice, staying home more, less traveling.

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