Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Catching Up on the Month of May Part 2 - Horse Riding and New Friend

Since I am so far behind posting on our blog, I am not too fussy about the chronological order! May was a busy month and I just didn't make the time to blog. I have been working 25 hours each week which is taking some getting used to after not working since last November and there are many conference calls outside my morning hours. I am sure it will all work out. 
May 16th: Here is Alyzabeth trotting around the arena; she had fun this lesson. I can see the progress she is making and when she is happy, I am happy!

 Her instructor, Lacey:
On May 6th, we had a marshmallow roast one last time; it was "slightly cool" so we took advantage of the mild weather. Neighbor Kaydee came over and AA played with her the next morning. We took a walk and picked up trash in our neighborhood which we do periodically.
 Picking up trash around the River House:
Above photo is the two girls playing tag or hide and seek. Not sure which; glad they get along.

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