Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day with Florida Family

Leaa and Jesse invited over the family plus some friends to enjoy the beach and then lunch back at their home. There was plenty of food plus shrimp and Justin's fried fish. Our Subaru did great in the soft beach sand.

Hanging around inside and outside:
Justin, the fry master!
A tender moment when Dylan needed some encouragement from her Mom and Dad.
Memorial Day Weekend in Maine used to mean going to several cemetery's to clean up the graves of our ancestors. From passed Great-Grand-Parents, Great Aunts and Great Uncles; my Grand-parents, and parents would trim around the head stones and plant some flowers, usually geraniums. I think that is where I got my love for geraniums, feels like home to me. Memorial Day weekend also meant raking at the lake camp and doing the end of spring chores, getting ready for our summer stay. It all depended on the weather, but mostly likely family would come up to visit. In Florida, we don't have any relative's graves to tend, but we do take time to go to our neighbors who both passed. Hoping you have your traditions to honor those who served our country and to remember.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eagle Harbor PGA Jr Tournament - San Jose (2nd in series of 5)

AA did well in the second tournament in a series of five. Playing the scramble (best ball) makes for a bit more fun and each team has to discuss which ball to use, they help each other, they are their own caddie and there seems to be less stress. All parents are spectators. The distance is short, using the orange youth tees, rather than the ladies red tees in her other tournaments. 
Practicing next to Tyler M. before the match:

AA was paired with Evan Davies (his older brother Tyler was playing with friend Tyler Mawhinney). Coach Bryan reviewing the rules with EH players.
Evan made an awesome putt that clinched the first flag (winning at least two of each three hole session). AA played very well for her team, playing all nine holes and earning all three flags. The San Jose Team was Parker Shell, Emma Joost and Joshua Bork.
They began shot-gun on hole # 3 (old hole # 12) and finished on the last hole #2 (was hole #11; the back 9 but was swapped about a month ago).
Coach Bryan wrapping the match up:
Ford and Joe (both a bit tired):
The winning team (AA is holding a frozen ice popcicle - Coach Bryan's treat after every match to his players - a hit with the kids!)
Final score: Eagle Harbor won!

Friday, May 27, 2016

New Puppy is Born!

The next litter of labradoodle puppies (9 total) was born on 05/26/2016. AA is set on selecting a female parti (white with chocolate lab spots). We lost her first puppy (Cocoa) a week before going to get her (to a virus that affected some of that litter). We will need to work out some plans as we cannot pick up this puppy until after the Pinehurst, NC World Golf Tournament. AA gets to pick a new name; she has a list and will wait to name her until the puppy picks her!

These puppies are one day old:

Rising 4th Grader! 3rd Grade Class Photo Plus Reading Award

On June 3rd, our sweet youngest will be a rising 4th grader. She is doing so well, we are so happy for her accomplishments. From her math abilities, her amazing reading awards to receiving the Principal's Student Award all make us smile and makes parenting easier. We will do our best during the summer to get her ready for that next step.

AA was awarded the entire school's reading award (up through 6th grade) and received a book as reward and Shad Foundation reading award shirt. She also received her State testing score of Level 5! Level 3 is average, with Level 5 the highest one can receive for each grade (compared to other 3rd graders).

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Month of May - Part 4 Last Post Catching up!

I think I have finished with the month of May, at least until Memorial Day Weekend, which we will spend with family at Leaa and Jesse's home.
Here is Grand-Kilee out fishing with her Dad, Justin. Kilee caught a nice red fish.

Above: I bought a jalapeno pepper jelly at the ABC wine tasting event (with Pam) and we love it on crackers with cream cheese. Below: our new dining table, chairs, bench and bar stools. Next, we need to buy the sun room sectional-sofa and some living room chairs.
I made my Mom's macaroni and cheese recipe (sharp white cheddar) for the first time in our new home. So easy and is great reheated.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Month of May - Part 3 New PGA Jr. Competition Eagle Harbor Golf Club and MORE

A few photos before posting about AA's new PGA Jr. Team experience. Our 2002 Ford F-150 truck just turned 260,000 miles. We rarely drive it now that I retired and work from home. It had 248,000 miles on it 2.5 years ago, so with one trip to Maine since then, not too many miles. It is in great shape, just needs some sprucing up!

Our neighborhood gate was refurbished, repaired and painted. Looks great!
Our old kitchen cabinets are now hanging in our garage. We need them for paper goods, canned goods and pots and pans that do not fit in our small new kitchen.
AA is participating in the local golf course's PGA Jr. team. The format is a team scramble against other regional golf course teams (up to age 13). The first one was held at South Hampton (05/22/16), where she won 1 1/2 "flags", the maximum she could have won playing the six holes would have been 2 flags. Her next tournament is Saturday, 5/28/2016 at home, Eagle Harbor.
Practice on a rainy day:
At South Hampton:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Our Homeowner Association - WPOA Annual Meeting 05/21/2016

This is our second annual meeting since moving into our "retirement" home. Everyone is nice, works together to keep the neighborhood clean, neat and well maintained; plus we have a fabulous pool and cabana. I am the Board Secretary along with officers Scott, Darlene, Marsha and Jeanne (and Nancy to join in July). We cooked hotdogs and had a pot luck luncheon afterwards. 18 of the 23 owners either attended or submitted proxies. Bobbi and Jeanne:

Marsha and Nancy Whiteley:
Paul Fox talking with Rod:
Ruby and Windy:
Carl Banks and Jeanne Frith:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Catching Up on the Month of May Part 2 - Horse Riding and New Friend

Since I am so far behind posting on our blog, I am not too fussy about the chronological order! May was a busy month and I just didn't make the time to blog. I have been working 25 hours each week which is taking some getting used to after not working since last November and there are many conference calls outside my morning hours. I am sure it will all work out. 
May 16th: Here is Alyzabeth trotting around the arena; she had fun this lesson. I can see the progress she is making and when she is happy, I am happy!

 Her instructor, Lacey:
On May 6th, we had a marshmallow roast one last time; it was "slightly cool" so we took advantage of the mild weather. Neighbor Kaydee came over and AA played with her the next morning. We took a walk and picked up trash in our neighborhood which we do periodically.
 Picking up trash around the River House:
Above photo is the two girls playing tag or hide and seek. Not sure which; glad they get along.