Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Kitchen Renovation Part 1

Our cute little home has some history as the original structure was part of the barn/carriage out buildings on the Winterbourne home in the early 1870's. It was not noted in any public record until the property was sold to develop patio homes in 1980 and our home received the title of "Unit 8". We plan to research the history and find some old photos of the property.
Here's the before photos - this was all new in 1982!

Love the natural light from window and glass door. We removed an upper cabinet to open up the room as much as possible.
Selecting the design material. We left the original footprint.
Relocated the old refrigerator to the garage.
 February 29th - Demolition day!
Removing the lower cabinets revealed the original carriage barn foundation:
Appliance delivered on March 9th. Best Buy had great service.
Cabinets are white bead-board uppers, light gray lowers and new farm style sink.
Next, the appliances are installed, the counter tops, back splash and final trim pieces.

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