Monday, April 18, 2016

Thank you for my Birthday!

First, happy birthday to my sister Terri and cousin Carolyn! Both on the 15th - tax day!
I had my birthday celebration, a quiet week with several nice events; of course, unless your age ends with a zero, we tend to want to ignore it. 
First, my Mom never forgets us and she asked what I would like - I said I had my eye on a L.L. Bean bathing suit or lobsters would be great (was kidding). So my Mom sent me both (no photo of me in the bathing suit..... maybe this summer)! On the 13th, we received a box of four fresh, Maine lobsters.
Ford and I started the 13th with a birthday brunch with yummy crab cake eggs Benedict at Metro Diner.

Our kitchen was officially finished on the 13th (well, 99% done) and now to shop for a new dining room table with the farm table/reclaimed wood look. That will be my exchange for any birthday gifts from Hubby (ha! didn't know he had bought me a gift when we discusses) - we do need new furniture (or used/reclaimed) for this little retirement home.
We had my birthday dinner at the Club Continental; since we can walk to it and we may be dropping our membership soon, we decided to enjoy a delicious meal there (I had the shrimp scampi). Always great food!
For lunch on my birthday, we made two leftover lobster rolls and enjoy our favorite way to eat lobster - thank you again Mom!
My sweet youngest daughter bought me a huge bouquet of flowers which I divided into several vases.
Individual small flowers in recycle jars:
Lots of cards! Thank you to Auntie Jean, Mom, Melissa (and Sebago Brew vest and UMO t-shirt), Terri (and gift card) , Bill & Joan, Ginny and of course Ford and AA's homemade one! Now-a-days..... I receive lots of Facebook good wishes, text messages and phone calls too!
Thank you to my Hubby for a beautiful Maine "Lobsterman's Wife's" sea glass bracelet from Cross Jewelers. Love it!
Melissa, Andrew and Britney sent me a live blueberry bush! We were planning on buying some so can't wait to get them in the ground.
Then on Sunday, I got to visit with Carolyn and see her renovations in progress; then a little shopping and lunch at the Moxie Kitchen and Cocktails at the Town Center. Great time together.
My other wish for my birthday is to play nine holes of golf with daughter, but not sure when we can fit that in! Maybe next week!

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