Sunday, April 03, 2016

Miscellaneous from End of March - It's April 2016 Already!

Lots going on this spring. We had the Jacksonville Zoo Director of Horticulture visit and tell us about the "bad" plants in our yard and what to plant going forward (will write a separate post on what we learned). Our amaryllis bulbs from cousin Beth are blooming. Ford made a limoncello drink but with grapefruit from Justin's tree. We had our kitchen remodeled, about 95% complete at this point (will write a separate post on that topic), so have been eating pizza and grilling hamburgers and kabobs. AA continues her horse lessons at Haven Horse ranch. We stopped by the Ancient City micro-brewery and sampled some of their beers. Plus the usual golf practice most afternoons, Alyzabeth taking her first FL State tests for 3rd graders. AA also reads alot of books, we have run out of many of the typical series. She wasn't interested last year with the Spirit Animal series as she was reading all the Lasky and Hunter books. Now she is going through this series one book a day and signing onto their website to play games as her own spirit animal.

Homemade Italian liqueur made from grapefruit peelings:
The bulbs flower every year; and now need dividing, so many blooms coming up. Other photos below were taken a week later.
Enjoying the outdoors while her Daddy cooks on the grill:
Stopped by the Ancient City brewery for a beer on the way home.
AA's first time playing darts, with a little practice, she got her yellow darts on the board!
I also made Ford's favorite pie: strawberry-rhubarb. It was delicious! We couldn't resist and ate the entire pie over three days!
On April 2nd, in Maine, my family hosted a 90th birthday party for Ginny Stone:
Andrew holding daughter Chloe and my Mom, holding another great-grand-daughter Autumn.

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