Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kitchen Renovation Part 2

The final few weeks:

These last three photos are when it is 99% complete. Love our appliances (LP Black Diamond) and large sink. Very open and bright!
Now waiting for our dining room table, chairs and bar stool delivery and then selecting some chairs for the living room and sun room. Almost done! {then the 1982 upstairs bathroom needs replacing...}. Lots of smaller projects are on our list!


Jboo said...

Wow -- it is turning out fabulous!! I'm sure you are all so happy with it! It's really pretty!

Catherine said...

Looks great!! Had to laugh at the second pic. Originally I thought it was glass front cabinets and thought, 'Uh oh, they should have told them they'd be looking at a vent!' but was then happy to see the cupboard doors.

Great job!!