Saturday, April 02, 2016

Grand-Livi's Birthday "Scenic Cruise" Boat Ride - St. Augustine

Daughter Leaa planned a boat ride (Scenic-Cruise) to kick-off Livi's birthday celebrations! She said this is what Livi wanted and we all love a boat ride! It was threatening some rain sprinkles, the remnant from a huge storm that went through during the night and early morning. The rain stopped but had strong wind gusts; only a few sprinkles during the ride. 
The girls "herded up" in a group while waiting for the boarding announcement. A serious photo then a tickling photo (Livi's friend MJ came along; missing Kilee and Avery):

Above: Dylan and Mila waiting patiently for family to arrive. Below: Boarding the boat:
Our girls hanging out on the top deck at the beginning of the ride:
Lots of boats along the St. Augustine waterfront:
Bridge of Lions:
Wildlife - pelicans, hanging out on a sandbar; lots of shallow water in the inter-coastal. We did see several dolphins but I was not quick with the camera and missed them. We also saw an amazing wind-surfer on a wake board with parachute; he was flying through the sky and jumping waves; had to have arm muscles of Popeye!
When the first few sprinkles were felt, the older girls headed downstairs. I got a few poses out of them:
The Grandma's! Mimi, Nana and Grandma:
Back "in port":
AA with her sweet Daddy!
A great ride, the sun came out so BRIGHT, needed dark sunglasses - who would have thought, was so cloudy and predicted rain through the afternoon. All went well and we had fun!

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