Sunday, April 10, 2016

Friday - Saturday with Grand-Kilee

With the Clay County Fair in town and Saturday being the last day, we invited Grand-Kilee to stay overnight to enjoy the fair with AA. Ford picked her up after school (Friday) and we all went to the Eagle Harbor Golf course for AA's PGA Jr. Team practice. 
Kilee and I tried to putt for awhile then retreated to the shady porch area. AA and Kilee played Minecraft together and otherwise we relaxed while AA did her golf time.

Kilee relaxing, waiting for AA to finish, then we had dinner at the restaurant, Talon's.
Saturday morning, we went to the opening of the fair and enjoyed many rides. AA rode on the same ones as she did with cousin Kathy on Monday, plus a few new ones with Kilee. Kilee seemed to love the dare-devil rides so went on the Fire Ball, Hang Ten and Super Shot 12 by herself. The Fire Ball actually rides upside down! I rode the hang glider with the girls and then we strolled around keeping up with their rides of choice.
Kilee on the Hang Ten:
We visited the Early Florida area, always nice to see the demonstrations, music and taste the pinto beans, corn bread and dessert! A potter was creating a bowl, the garden was flourishing, a young man cracking a whip (and you could try if you wanted to), weavers, spinners, wood carvers, loggers waiting for volunteers to saw logs (very hard to do!), and many more.
Merry-Go-Round fun:
The Super Shot takes you very high up, then drops to the ground.
Several other rides:
Here is Kilee on the Fire Ball:
Can't remember the name of this ride, standing up while it spins you higher and at an angle. They also went in a space ship type ride that did the same thing, where the G-force keeps you pressed against the wall.
This was the highest flying swing ride:
We enjoyed a few snacks, I had my first funnel cake in about 15 years, Kilee chose a corndog, while AA chose a taco. Plus lots of fresh squeezed lemonade! We took Kilee to her Dad's (Justin) home; he was having trouble with his water pump; I did get some more grapefruit off his tree, it was loaded this year and they are about gone by. Great time with Kilee!

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