Tuesday, April 05, 2016

First Swim of the Spring Season! 78 Degree Pool Water

04/05/16 - Our Winterbourne neighborhood pool is up to 78 degrees, a bit chilly for me, so I wore my spring wet suit (bought for a pittance at Goodwill!). AA had to rough it with only her L.L. Bean bathing suit. Looks like she will out grow all her size 8's this summer. I am getting out the size 10's! Sunny but cooler this week, the mornings have been in the high 50's! Compare this to last year, on March 16th the kids were in the pool with the same water temperature. We have been bike riding alot so may have/could have been in the pool sooner. The big Club pool doesn't open until April 22nd.

She loves her blue bathing suit! Thanks to Nana Ann, we have several put away for when she grows.

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