Thursday, April 07, 2016

Cousin Kathy and Alyzabeth - 9 Holes at Eagle Harbor Golf Course

It was great fun to see cousin Kathy again and she was game to use Ford's men's clubs and play nine holes with Alyzabeth. Another perfect weather day, a bit windy but so nice! Carolyn and I walked the course, while AA and Kathy played each hole like pros! 
They didn't take any time for warm ups or practice, so Kathy had no time to hit a few balls (she hadn't played all winter). We ran right out to Hole 1 and began. Kathy did great with only a few swings that she wished she could take a mulligan! All in all a nice time with family. Ford and AA made it to the PGA Junior Team meeting on time while we enjoyed a drink at Talon's. Waiter Chris, took care of us and after AA's golf meeting we all enjoyed dinner on Carolyn's tab. Thank you!
Kathy's first swing on Hole 1 tee box:

The pros and their caddie:
Not one of their better holes, no smiles "just let's get onto the next hole"!
At Hole 6, lots of wild irises, beautiful!
Carolyn in the shade, the sun was a bit hot.
Ninth hole - done!
So happy to have spent some time with cousins!

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