Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Clay County Fair - Student Day with Cousins Kathy and "Aunt" Carolyn!

Monday was student day at the Clay County Fair; really, a teacher planning day, so glad they made it coincide with the fair. Cousins Kathy and Carolyn ventured out with us and we had a good time. AA had the best time as Kathy was an ANGEL and rode many rides with her (AA's lame parents don't do rides except Merry-Go-Round and the Ferris Wheel; both very slow rides!!). 
We toured through the animals seeing a new calf, new piglets, lots of cows, birds of every variety, goats, rabbits, etc. Always fun to see the "agriculture" side of our county.

Carolyn and AA in the rabbit area:
Let the rides begin!
The glider was a favorite!
Not sure the name of this one, they liked it!
This was a good ride, can turn/spin it as much as you wish:
This ride was not a favorite. I didn't see many kids smiling when they disembarked: you lean against the inside wall, and as the g-forces pick up, your body rides up against the side (I didn't go on it!).
 Second time on the glider ride!
From Facebook: Great having Kathy Redmond Scalesse and Carolyn Redmond with us at the Fair! To choose who was going on the rides, we all stepped backwards so only cousin Kathy was standing next to AA; Kathy got the "all you can ride wrist band" and made AA very happy having someone to go on MANY rides. Thank you Kathy!! We had lunch and then AA and I drove to her horse lesson No. 4 where she trotted with her horse; Ford went home to let in the people replacing the kitchen counter top; we will all meet up at the River House for Ford's hotdogs and chips, plus my "triple pickled" deviled eggs. Pam Davis stopped by and we enjoyed a drink on the deck in this gorgeous spring weather! Beautiful day!

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