Sunday, March 27, 2016

NFJG University of Florida and Meeting Troy (Perry) Sheffield!

This was our first time at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Golf Course. It was challenging for those who do not play a golf course with hills! AA did well, a few short chips and putting didn't seem to go her way and some very long holes that took her 4 to 5 strokes just to get to the green. Overall, a good score in the 40's. She was in the 50's consistently from the ladies tees, now doing well in the 40's. The weather threatened heavy rain, but after a few sprinkles (we were prepared with our Rain Girl gear on!), it was just cloudy. So thankful!

Jack took many photos so I copied some from the NFJG web site, me looking at my iPhone, checking weather, I am sure!
Ready at Hole #1 with Tylar Whiting:
Waiting at Hole #6:
Last Hole #9 (photo above). Scoring table:
AA did well third/last place, with one stroke from second place (to a 12 year old).
Above: We met Troy Sheffield, son of Jill Perry, sister to our daughter Leaa's best friend Katy Perry Bergen. It's his last year so probably won't see him much, but we did hear that he has a golf scholarship!
The three Foundation Girls:
This photo from the Dunham Family Facebook page (Phillip won in the Foundation Boys Division!):
{this was also the day we were to get Cocoa, AA's labradoodle, but the puppy got sick, refer to earlier post about her; now we will wait for the next litter}

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