Tuesday, March 22, 2016

NFJG - Eagle Harbor Golf Course 2-Days PLUS the Read's!

Alyzabeth was again one of only two Foundation Girls this weekend. The NFJG Tournament was held at her "home golf course". Where she practices each week. It was supposed to be a wet, rainy weekend but turned out really nice! From Friday's trip to the zoo where rain was to begin about 2:00 p.m. to a wet overnight and 60% chance of rain; the weather decided to go just south of us, so stayed mostly dry. The greens were wet, so very slow but dried a bit by Sunday. Nana Joy walked with us on Saturday, but decided to leave Sunday morning to see her friend, Pat, who was in a really bad car accident. AA's score seemed high but in the end recorded her best tournament score for 18 holes (9 each day). From the ladies red tees, she scored 46 and 48, her first under 100 in a tournament. When you consider that less than 20% of adult lady golfers ever score 100, a little 9-year old is doing great!

Playing with Tylar each round: Day 1 Front nine holes.
Day 2 - Sunny and cooler but nice!
Both girls happy on the back nine - a Par 3 where they both placed their drive on the green, side-by-side:
The End - Hole 18:
Second place finish.
The Read's were in town for a grandson's third birthday party. They drove over to Eagle Harbor for a drink; Jim reminded us that he was the first membership, number 1! We chatted, then went to our home to show them our LG appliances (the house is still a mess). Hope to see them again soon!

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