Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Horse Lesson No.2 - Haven Horse Ranch

This was AA's second horse riding lesson at Haven Horse Ranch. I probably won't post anymore photos until she begins new activities. Right now, the routine is for AA to spend at least 15 - 20 minutes grooming her horse "Chance", then start "saddling" up the horse. She then does different exercises with her horse in the ring along with instructor Lacey.

These lessons are very different than her prior ones. This place emphasizes taking care of the horse, getting it ready to ride and cleaning up afterwards. At the other ranch, AA would get on the horse immediately and not get to know it, no grooming or even learning to lead it around. So far this is working well. Can't wait until she asks for her own horse! Not!
I made a crock pot/slow cooker corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Yummy!

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