Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter Woes, Winter Fun and Winter Love

We seem to be a bit sluggish, after AA's eye surgery, Ford and I having colds, and now AA is getting over a cold/virus. She has a golf tournament this Sunday (14th) and Monday so hopefully she will be ready. Even in Florida, golf slows down during the winter, we have had many days in the 30's and gusty winds, so less golf practice!

We planned what we would be making for AA's classroom Valentines - an origami box with chocolate kisses inside. With AA feeling a bit poorly, it was good we began two weeks ago! Folding proved easy, it was the assembling which I had to take over, for some reason the box corners were tricky for AA's hands. We cut out hearts and wrote her classmates names (some we used ink stamps, but went back to hand writing them). All done and off to school this morning, the 12th.

We also went to our local Asian store to buy a few items for her Chinese New Year classroom celebration. We will assemble the bags this weekend and the teacher will share the CNY story next week with Alyzabeth. This year, the bags and items were smaller, AA is not very keen on putting herself forth in her classroom, so this maybe the last year.
With Chinese New Year here, I made chicken stir-fry on Monday the 8th and pork dumplings on the 10th; this weekend will be noodles and Asian meatballs. We get in the mood to cook homemade Chinese food, so fresh and yummy!
And Ford got back into baking homemade bread - nothing like cold weather to keep us in the kitchen!

AA did get to see Deercreek Golf Course, did a quick ride through with Coach Kathy on Wednesday (so cold!) and on Thursday, it was warmer, so practiced at Eagle Harbor and was pleased to play with a gentleman - here's the post from Facebook.
From Facebook:
fm - The experiences and people Alyzabeth is exposed to through her golfing both humbles and amazes me.
Yesterday she played with "Mr. Larry". 42 years of service and counting with the US Army. Presently working out of the Department of Defense. What a privilege...

Ann Caton Cobb ......more to the story?
Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan fm - AA was preparing to do a practice round. The course was backed up. I saw the gentleman waiting behind us to tee off once AA could hit. Decided to approach him and ask if he would consider joining AA rather than waiting and playing alone. Gracious, Humble, Soft-Spoken and Encouraging would describe his demeanor throughout the round. Originally from west Texas. His work at the Department of Defense involves contact with all branches of service. Only here for a few days and then on to his next assignment. Credits the military for a career that has enriched and given purpose to his life from day one...
Ann Caton Cobb You are always so thoughtful and kind, fm, and AA gets to enrich her experiences. Sounds like a good day for all.
Amanda Dietz I agree. I love it when the "old guys" ask Tess to play. She learns about life & is a real sign of respect that they want to play with a kid, especially a girl, in a pretty male dominated sport.
Carl Cruce She is having fun, gaining self confidence, and getting an education few receive. Great job you guys.
Kerri Schaeffer-Mawhinney I feel the same way! I remember a time Ty played with 2 NYC firefighters. 1 in the One of the towers when it came down. Life experiences that can't be taught.

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