Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Post Valentine's Day and Getting Ready for Chinese New Year

Getting ready for Chinese New Year also involved more Asian cooking. We love these Asian meatballs (made with ground beef) with dipping sauce, the same yummy flavors as the dumplings (made with ground pork) dipping sauce.

For Valentine's Day dessert, no homemade bakery for AA; she loves ice cream so her treat was her favorite, mint chocolate chip (along with my homemade hot fudge sauce!). We gave each other chocolates and cards, so we have plenty of milk chocolate and chocolate covered cherries! Also, this was the first year that all her valentine cards were store bought postcard style with maybe a lollipop. The valentines in the past were more creative; maybe everyone has given up on keeping up with Pinterest!
Assembly line for filling the red bags for her OPE classmates, which included a red envelope with chocolate coin and a real quarter; tea bag, chop sticks, lucky candy, fortune cookie and a small tangerine orange.
We bought a couple new CNY books this year and AA will be reading one and helping the teacher with this year's China culture lesson. Hoping she continues this small tribute to her heritage in future years.

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