Monday, February 29, 2016

OPE Citizenship Award for February 2016 (again!)

Our smart and sweet daughter won another Citizenship Award through Orange Park Elementary School for 3rd grade - this month was for "commitment". We are so proud of her! Her commitment to her education (paying attention in class, eagerly learning, extensive reading and completing assignments) plus her commitment to growing stronger in her sport by practicing, doing her strength training, learning from her lessons and keeping pace with girls (and boys) two - three years older. And now, she is so COMMITTED to getting her new puppy! We have reviewed her responsibilities and she is COMMITTED to taking care of her new puppy - definitely her first "puppy love"! Proud of our youngest daughter!

Happy! (of course you don't see her fussy face when I ask to take a picture..... so as long as the result is a smile for the photo, I am happy too!)

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