Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's Been A Dog-Kind-of-Day!

We have been looking for a rescue dog that is female and does not shed, but alas, none have been found. Most dogs we have encountered are too big or tiny chihuahua mixes. So Ford began looking at specific breed rescue groups, then specific breeders. The decision became to purchase a puppy for AA or continue searching..... When she turned nine, we said we would actively look so I have delayed this at least five months!! I am not a fan of having another dog. 
AA decided on a labradoodle, which with a standard poodle parent, grows to be 50 - 60 pounds! We decided to visit a breeder, Labradoodle Country, just south of Ocala to play with several puppies. AA decided she loved a chocolate brown girl, four weeks old, she has named Cocoa. We will go pick her up by the end of March. Cocoa has a beautiful brother, white and brown who was equally adorable. 

Brother to our Cocoa:
This litter is only four weeks old, so they were very slow moving and sleepy!
Cocoa Morgan!
Happy girl!
After selecting Cocoa and putting a hold deposit, we decided to visit Micanopy. We remember the town being very quaint, lots of antique shops and a few luncheon restaurants. It has not changed, and for a Saturday noontime, seemed less active even though there were about a dozen motorcyclists visiting too. Without them, the place would be silent as crickets. Too bad, but I don't know anyone who really buys antiques anymore including us!
Leonardo's, a really interesting antique and music shop as they have a huge collection of guitars and musical instruments.
We ate at the Old Florida Cafe (rated 3 of 8 in Micanopy); the food was good, but basic. The Cuban black beans and rice was flavorful. It was a beautiful day, so sat outside, listening to the music from the restaurant next door (rated 6 of 8).
As we were leaving, we texted friends Kenny and Pam to see if they were home, and they said yes, come for a visit. We enjoyed our visit chatting, seeing Ralph and Sandy plus tasting a few new beers. AA had a good time being friendly with their dog, Buddy.
A nose licking!
AA brushed Buddy with a metal, toothed loop; interesting brush! 
What a great day, and home in time for homemade Sloppy Joe's and baths!

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Jboo said...

What a fun and special day! Cocoa is adorable!!