Friday, February 05, 2016

First Week of February 2016

A few miscellaneous topics this week....
Here's the plant that cousin Carolyn brought from Maine for us, from my sister Melissa. It never bloomed until we moved temporarily to our condo a couple of years ago. It is blooming again! It must really like our Florida winter weather (or it is really confused).

We decided to try a bag of the Local Fare foods, a group who gather local farm foods and deliver to your home. We received our trial bag and it was full of purple potatoes, local citrus, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, napa cabbage, pak choi, red beets, and a loaf of Ciabatta bread. We could not resist the bread and immediately got out the butter and enjoyed a slice. Here's the link to our local food web site.
Still trying to decide about the value of the produce and convenience of delivery (but it is random, as in there is no choice as to what foods you want each week). Since we have the RAM nearby, can select what local foods we want (have a choice) and use that as a local outing, we probably will not purchase more from this group; but still undecided. It is really nice to have this fresh option. Purple fingerling potatoes:
Since being off from work, I have put some chalkboard signs around our home based on the season or holiday. Here's my latest, I need to come up with one more Valentine's Day quote:
During a heavy rain day, we took AA to see Kung Fu Panda 3 (on Thursday, 02/04/16), she had mentioned it to us about 100 times, that the movie was coming in January, so we finally went (it has only been out for 6 days!). From my Facebook post: We saw ‪#‎KungFuPanda3‬ today (pouring rain, no golfing!). AA loved it, giving it 5 Stars. I gave it a 4 of 5 Stars. The music is very motivating and catchy. The adoption theme with Poe's bio Dad finding him gave us a few pauses; adoptive Goose Dad had to think about the meaning of how this changes Poe's life. In the end, acceptance of the blended family and their different strengths allowed for lots of love to help Poe be the best he can be. Everyone gets a hug!

Next up: Taking AA out of school on the 5th to see the LPGA Tournament in Ocala this weekend and participating in a girls clinic on Saturday.  Then we need to finish AA's Valentine's Day cards for her classmates; we are making origami boxes and will fill with starbursts or candy kisses

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