Friday, January 01, 2016

Wrapping up 2015 AND Happy New Year 2016!

The last couple of days in 2015 were busy with a pre-surgery doctor's appointment then hitting the road to visit with Nana Joy. AA will have her eyes corrected next Thursday, January 7th.
We had fun at Joy's home in Okeechobee - the weather was quite warm with plenty of sunshine. Again, have I mentioned how hot it was been the past few weeks?
We took AA's bike and had fun riding around as it is a large gated community so only had to dodge many golf carts and slow moving vehicles. We didn't get to swim as AA is still in love with her bike!
We always have good food made by Joy (red beans and rice, chocolate sheet cake, breakfast casserole...etc.) and fit in some shopping. We bought sparklers (regular "neon" ones and a larger type that actually shot out small projectiles). Very flashy and good fun since we didn't check to see if the neighborhood allowed any rocket type fireworks. We also enjoyed the last of the Christmas lights; many homes were decorated and the weather was great for walking around. Again, did I tell you we rode bikes all the time?

On the way home, New Year's Day, AA had a scheduled golf lesson at WGV - PGA Academy with Coach Anne Cain. They have been working on AA's strength-building exercises and have now added push-ups every day; this is to help with improving her swing speed. They also worked on her putting as she has a tendency to putt a bit to the right. It started to rain, so I read my book in the car while they headed to the golf indoor-studio.
We had a great time and now look forward to a day at home to catch up on chores, grocery shop and REST (and cooler, rainy weather for a few days)! Next up is a Sunday NFJG Tournament at Amelia River Golf Club.

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