Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend January 09/10

Catching up on our past few days. We have been quiet since AA's surgery. Aunti M sent AA some Christmas gifts and a get well package, plus Aunt Carolyn visited and brought AA some ice cream and a hyacinth flowering plant. We had another design appointment for the kitchen remodel. We still have to figure out how to expand the downstairs bathroom (or relocate it in the garage $$$$$$$$).
Kitchen samples for the lower light gray cabinets, white upper cabinets, frosted glass tiles for the back splash and a quartz white/gray counter top. 

Gifts to AA from Aunti M - art coloring book, crayons and journal:
AA playing her new WiiU games:
{you can see the red in the outer corner of her eye}
Hyacinth from Aunt Carolyn:
I made a Martha Stewart ginger bread recipe (calls to make three loaves) - made two loaves and 12 muffin/cupcakes. It is a good flavor and very light, fluffy batter. Not heavy like gingerbread cookies.
Ice cream in our freezer, the vanilla from Carolyn....... (we almost never have in the house, but anything for our darling daughter!):
Gifts from Aunti M:
A good weekend once we got past the first two days after the eye surgery!

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