Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Cold Weather has Set In!

This past Sunday was fun with Aunt Carolyn, seeing the 3D Star Wars movie with her and dinner at the Caddy Shack! The COLD weather has been hanging around for a week now..... Lows in the high 20's and low 30's! Even though this is normal NE Florida weather, it still hits us hard! We bring in plants and open hose bibs to drip at night. Some days it is just too cold in the afternoon with the wind chill factor for AA to play golf; she has played some since her eye surgery but not much. Ford has caught the flu/cold already and it usually runs to each of us, but so far it hasn't. Otherwise, the good news is the sun is out!
Our indoor time is spent playing with AA's toys, reading, cooking, Wii-U video games and now starting a new puzzle from Aunt-T and Uncle George - so we are hanging out in our sun-room:  

AA said that maybe a 100 piece puzzle would be more our speed!! This 1000 piece puzzle has so many cereal box covers that look the same! Hope we get it finished before springtime!
With one more weekend without a golf tournament, this Friday, we plan to pick up Dylan and Alivia for a one-night-sleep-over. Fun for all!

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