Saturday, January 30, 2016

River House Chili Contest and Tasting!

Saturday, 01/30/2016 - Ford and I both made chili for the annual River House challenge. Ford made his very warm, lots of heat where mine was more traditional with hamburger and mild heat (it was too mild at first, so added more pepper flakes and chili powder). In the end, neither of us won (make note to bring lots of friends, tell them which number is your chili and have them vote for you whether they think it is the best or not - {smile}). Since we didn't tell anyone which one was ours, I was pleased when Manager Kelly said I was fourth in the voting. Not bad!

We enjoyed tasting and voting! We each voted for "free" (entry fee took care of it) so only paid the $5.00 fee for AA. Great dinner with 12 chili's to taste.

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