Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Retirees Meeting at the River House 01/26/16

Even though we gathered together due to a change in our pension benefit, we did get reacquainted and enjoyed the social aspect. Kevin Tyler explained the change in the calculation for the SJRPP pension benefit and we all had a chance to ask questions and develop a plan moving forward.
Kevin, Art Wallace, Tom Scarbrough, Mark Wright and John Reid:

 The "gang" without Pat Whitaker, Debbie Hester and myself:
A couple group photos, didn't have one where you could see Linda Reid in the very back/middle!
Jim Jackson and Art Wallace:
Bobby Recker, Jim Jackson, Bob Gher and Kevin:
And Art allowed our daughter to climb on his motorcycle - she will love it when we actually let her ride on her Daddy's bike!

Maybe SJRPP retirees will get together again when there is good news!

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